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DECADE: 10 Years of Creation at Youngplace

Carolyn Murphy's work in textiles explores modern abstract design, taking the traditional art of quilting and turning it on its head. Deeply inspired by the improv work of the quilters of Gee’s Bend, Murphy has explored this art form for over 25 years, leaning hard on improvisation to inform the direction of her work. Murphy is fascinated by quilts, the tactile richness of the fabric, the physical heft and pleasure of each piece, the punch of colour, the thrill of design, the double duty that her medium provides: quilts are experiential art. She lives and works in Toronto.

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Create Whimsy

Carolyn Murphy started her quilting adventure inspired by Denyse Schmidt and the renowned Gees Bend quilters. What sets Carolyn apart is her self-taught approach and her commitment to maintaining a beginner’s mindset, allowing her to fearlessly experiment and embrace the joy of making. She finds inspiration everywhere, from art galleries to nature, and she documents her creative process in sketchbooks filled with drawings, images, and quotes. Carolyn’s work stands out for her dedication to finishing every piece, even when it feels challenging.

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