Post No Bills

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90” x 90”

cotton fabric, batting, thread

Born in an improv session with my niece, this quilt proves just how liberating an experimental mindset can be. We were just playing in the studio that day, dipping into the scrap pile and sewing without the restriction that can come from having a plan. The top left square happened first and was the springboard for what came next. Very light pink, very light turquoise and thin lines of black informed the decisions that lead to the rest of the quilt: think Formica, Elvis, diners and jukeboxes. Think vintage. The colour palette of the fifties. As soon as that palette showed itself the quilt seemed to know what to do all by itself. Once the squares were made, the black and pink “bars” just happened – an addition that seems to anchor the quilt’s tilty wonk. Finished with a “fringe” (think cowboy jacket) around the edges. Dreamy!